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  • Pegaspargase is a PEGylated form of L-Asparaginase, where in Asparaginase is glycol conjugated with mono-methoxy polyethylene glycol (M-PEG). The conjugated enzyme exhibits higher catalytic activity, stability with low hypersensitivity. The molecular weight of Pegaspargase is in the range of 450 to 550 kDa with 90 to 100% PEGylation.
  • Pegaspargase is GMP manufactured in a certified facility with animal component free certified raw materials.
  • Pegaspargase improves the circulation time in blood and shows resistance to proteolytic reactions. It is used in the treatment of acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL), Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and when hypersensitive to another form of Asparaginase.

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